¿La foto perfecta? Influencer revela cómo

A través de redes sociales la influencer Danae Mercer ha compartido uno que otro video viral que ha sorprendido a miles de internautas.

Se trata de un conjunto de trucos que las influencers suelen utilizar para salir espectaculares en las fotos.

 Como era de esperarse las imágenes cobraron popularidad.

Danae Mercer, una periodista e influencer que vive en Dubái, compartió imágenes de lado a lado en su Instagram  mostrando su cuerpo de bikini mientras estaba en cuclillas en el suelo.


Ayudando a las chicas a sentirse normal», así describe su cuenta de Instagram que cuenta con casi medio millón de seguidores.

En las fotos no solo muestra cómo una mujer puede aparentar tener el abdomen perfecto sino también cómo todas las mujeres pueden tener celulitis, estrías o lonjitas que no las hacen menos atractivas.

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CELLULITE is so darn COMMON. So WEAR that swimsuit. Rock that bikini. Get out there and roll with the full wonder of all that you are. And don’t let any little lumpbumps make you second guess for a single minute. Over 80 percent of women have cellulite. That’s a HUGE number – and yet we are told it’s bad and wrong and subtly, so subtly, taught that it is shameful. Some of us learn these lessons as little girls. Yesterday I shared a YouTube video that wants to teach exactly that. It featured a slight child deciding she was TOO BIG, so she exercised and weighed herself and ate carrots and weighed herself and climbed stairs and weighed herself. Some of us learn these lessons as adults, when brands try to SELL TO US and make money from SHAME. From creating flaws that don’t exist, or from turning incredibly common bits of bodies into things that must be fixed. Wherever you learned these lessons, know that they are wrong. Your cellulite is NOT an error. A glitch in perfection. It’s incredible. Unique. A stamp mark of who you are. A sign that your body is functioning and alive and doing the same thing as over 80% of other women. So today, babygirl, get out there and rock your cellulite. Celebrate your dips and rolls. Embrace your curves or your straights. And most of all, do whatever makes you SMILE. Because you are a GLORIOUS CELEBRATION. A song of limbs and heart and soul. Don’t you forget it. Bikini @heiress_swimwear #selflove #bodyacceptance #normalizenormalbodies #cellulite #strengthmarks

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Danae, que cuenta con más de 750 mil seguidores, explicó en la larga descripción que en su mayoría era una iluminación halagadora que ocultaba la celulitis y las estrías.

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ME / ALSO ME – Because POSING is fun but sitting COMFORTABLY is even better. Now let’s talk DIET CULTURE myths. For years, I thought if I GOT RID of my CELLULITE, I would be happy. It has always been my hang up. So I cut calories. I dropped dress sizes. I shrank. And I waited for that joy, for that feeling of confidence. It didn’t come. Not even at my smallest. None of these things made me feel BETTER about MYSELF. And now, now, years later, I am softer. Squishier. No longer starving. I weigh more. But my heart is lighter. Because here’s the thing I learned the hard way, The thing that diet ads never tell you: BODY IMAGE starts on the inside. It does. Being comfortable with your cellulite? Your stretchmarks? Your bits that wiggle and jiggle and fold here or crease there? All that requires mental work. Internal heavy lifting. Where day by day, month by month, you remind yourself how INCREDIBLE you are. And how your WORTH, your VALUE as a HUMAN, doesn’t CHANGE even when your body does. Nor does anyone else’s. So today, fight against the urge to measure WHO YOU ARE as a HUMAN against whatever is or isn’t happening with your body. Extend the same kindness to other women around you. And allow yourself the softness of a bit of self love. Because you ARE wonderful. You ARE incredible. You ARE WORTHY. Posed or relaxed, sandy or sweaty or sleepy or in any state. You’re loved. x PHOTOS @chiclebelle @gabrielleph #bodyacceptance #selflove #womenirl #cellulite #stretchmarks #normalizenormalbodies #instagramvsreality

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Cuando trabajaba en revistas, filmamos al amanecer o al atardecer. En la mayoría de los sets, había personas que sostenían DIFUSORES Y REFLECTORES DE SOL para ayudar a crear el equilibrio perfecto de sombra y luz.

«Lo mismo sucede en REDES SOCIALES, solo que en una forma diferente»

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